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Revolutionizing the Digital Ecosystem

Welcome to Agatech, a groundbreaking ecosystem that aims to redefine the way you interact with blockchain technology, digital assets, and decentralized applications. We are not just another name in the blockchain space; we are a universe of interconnected solutions designed to bring scalability, interoperability, and user-friendliness to the forefront.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an all-encompassing ecosystem that solves the pressing issues plaguing the current blockchain landscape. We strive to make blockchain technology accessible, secure, and beneficial for everyone, from individual users to large enterprises.

Our Mission

The blockchain landscape is ripe for a solution that can bring together the best features of existing technologies while eliminating their shortcomings. Agatech aims to be that solution. By offering a comprehensive ecosystem that addresses scalability, interoperability, user-friendliness, and security, Agatech is poised to set a new standard in the blockchain industry.

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Agatech Multisig Wallet (AgatechMultisig): 40% (4,000,000)
Wallet Address: 0xB21bB842f61A50dB973408becd78E597EfC4c910
15% will go to the deployer wallet for 20% initial liquidity on Pancake Swap.
25% will go to the Platform and Features Development Wallet for AgaSwap liquidity.

Team Vesting Wallet (teamVestingWallet): 10% (1,000,000)
Wallet Address: 0xB633cc81E237ca386c1Ca192eFcdB00AB1AE75BB

Development Fund Wallet (developmentFundWallet): 10% (1,000,000)
Wallet Address: 0x3d8f408991015cAbCC319c48CcfdD1Fe04e6c37e

Platform and Features Development Wallet (platformsFeaturesWallet): 20% (2,000,000)
Wallet Address: 0x6AB5bd5ba5E10EBd588b925B2a043A0b95Ed2895

Strategic Alliances Wallet (strategicAlliancesWallet): 5% (500,000)
Wallet Address: 0xc7D4Bb84ED88795cDA36fE1Fdd3814D4d54128c7

Treasury Reserves Wallet (treasuryReservesWallet): 5% (500,000)
Wallet Address: 0xF78aA5c618b541927E91fF628C0dB74d230a694b

AgaPaid Initiative Wallet (agaPaidInitiativeWallet): 5% (500,000)
Wallet Address: 0x372788630a8fe0ee0aF4899359bCe1fc2D2CA4F6

Deployer Wallet (deployerWallet): 5% (500,000)
Wallet Address: 0x6672134E8838468A10d10a1E4108a0F74D3a495E


Buy AGATA Tokens

Discover The Core components:
The Building Blocks of Agatech

At the heart of the Agatech ecosystem are our Core Components, each designed to serve a unique purpose yet interconnected to offer a seamless user experience. From governance tokens to next-gen blockchains and educational platforms, these components collectively form the robust infrastructure that sets Agatech apart. Read on to discover how each component contributes to making Agatech the future of blockchain technology.

Agata Token

Agata Token transcends the typical role of a cryptocurrency, embodying the foundation of the Agatech ecosystem. Ingeniously designed for diverse utility, it stands as the key currency for governance, staking, and accessing a variety of services within the Agatech network. Holding Agata Tokens empowers users to shape the ecosystem's evolution and strategic direction via a democratic voting process. Staking these tokens opens doors to numerous advantages, including reward accrual, transaction fee reductions, and privileged access to elite features. Agata Token is, in essence, the vital energy source for Agatech, integral to the seamless operation and comprehensive functionality of the entire ecosystem.


AgaChain redefines the concept of blockchain, crafted as a technological masterpiece to tackle critical challenges within the blockchain sphere, specifically scalability and swift transaction processing. Equipped with advanced features such as data sharding, AgaChain achieves transaction speeds significantly faster than conventional blockchains. Its integration of Layer 2 solutions lightens the main chain's load, leading to swifter and more economical transactions. Serving as the structural core of the Agatech ecosystem, AgaChain offers a robust, rapid, and expansible platform, essential for the smooth functioning of decentralized applications and services.

Agata Coin

Agata Coin marks a significant evolution from Agata Token, elevating it into a more sophisticated and feature-enriched digital asset. This transition not only retains the original token's capabilities but also enriches Agata Coin with new functionalities, broadening its utility and appeal. This transformation is not merely an upgrade; it's a comprehensive enhancement that adds depth and versatility, aligning it with the dynamic demands of the digital world. Agata Coin is set to be a pivotal asset in the Agatech ecosystem, playing a crucial role in governance, staking, and as a preferred medium of exchange, extending its influence beyond the Agatech framework.


AgaSwap transcends the typical decentralized exchange, emerging as a comprehensive platform for effortless token swaps, liquidity provision, and fertile yield farming prospects. Anchored securely on the robust AgaChain, it delivers unmatched speed and security for trading activities. AgaSwap empowers users to fluidly exchange diverse tokens, bypassing centralized intermediaries and ensuring complete autonomy over their assets. It further enriches user experience with enticing yield farming opportunities, inviting users to stake their tokens in diverse liquidity pools for rewards. Boasting a user-centric interface and supporting an extensive range of tokens, AgaSwap positions itself as the preferred DEX within the Agatech ecosystem, extending its appeal to a broader digital finance audience.


AnyHolder redefines the concept of a digital wallet, offering an all-encompassing solution for secure management of your digital assets. This platform isn't limited to standard wallet functions; it's a versatile hub supporting a vast array of cryptocurrencies and tokens, making it a centralized point for managing your digital portfolio. AnyHolder is fortified with advanced security measures, such as biometric authentication and robust cold storage options, providing a fortress-like safeguard against unauthorized access. Catering to a diverse user base, from casual crypto enthusiasts to experienced traders, AnyHolder presents a spectrum of functionalities tailored to meet every aspect of digital asset management.


Agademy stands as a formidable educational platform, offering an extensive array of courses, tutorials, and resources dedicated to the realms of blockchain technology and digital assets. This platform caters to a wide audience, welcoming beginners eager to grasp the fundamentals, as well as developers aspiring to hone advanced coding skills. Agademy's mission is to close the knowledge gap in the blockchain domain, delivering education that is not only of high quality but also accessible and financially attainable. Engaging with Agademy is more than an educational journey; it's an opportunity to join and contribute to a community united by a shared enthusiasm for blockchain technology.


AgaSky transforms the landscape of cloud storage and management with its innovative approach. This solution distinguishes itself from conventional cloud services by functioning on a decentralized network, which decentralizes control of your data and eliminates reliance on a single entity. This structure enhances security and privacy, with encryption and distribution of data across multiple nodes, ensuring its safety. AgaSky is an ideal choice for both individuals in search of secure personal storage and businesses in need of dependable data management solutions, offering scalability and cost-effectiveness tailored to diverse needs.


Aigata emerges as a pivotal AI-driven analytics platform, underpinning informed decision-making across the Agatech ecosystem. Harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling, Aigata offers invaluable, actionable insights that cater to both individual users and corporate entities. This platform is adept at navigating the complexities of blockchain and digital assets, whether it's through forecasting market trends, delving into user behavior analytics, or enhancing smart contract efficiency. Aigata's precision and reliability in delivering analytics play a crucial role, often marking the thin line between success and failure in the dynamic blockchain landscape.


CoinMarketFacts stands as the ultimate destination for up-to-the-minute market analytics, comprehensive cryptocurrency data, and thorough research insights. Prioritizing accuracy and promptness, this platform equips users with critical information to guide well-informed investment choices. Catering to a wide range of users, from beginner investors to experienced traders, CoinMarketFacts offers an all-encompassing set of tools, including live price monitoring and historical data breakdowns. In the rapidly evolving crypto market, where timely and accurate information is key to success, CoinMarketFacts is committed to being the most trusted source of cryptocurrency intelligence.


SmartLauncher is ingeniously crafted to demystify the intricate realms of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Featuring a user-friendly interface backed by a powerful backend infrastructure, it empowers developers to deploy smart contracts effortlessly, with just a few clicks. This platform eliminates the cumbersome aspects of coding and debugging, streamlining the technical process, and allowing developers to concentrate on their core expertise: crafting exceptional applications. SmartLauncher is an indispensable tool for both individual developers and collaborative teams, providing the essential resources to transform decentralized concepts into reality.

Lambro 2.0

Lambro 2.0 emerges as the dynamic hub of entertainment within the Agatech ecosystem, encompassing a lively universe of gaming, NFTs, and digital collectibles. This platform is not just about gaming; it's a comprehensive digital community, boasting cutting-edge graphics and immersive experiences. Lambro 2.0 also features a vibrant marketplace for unique digital assets, enhancing its appeal beyond conventional gaming. It caters to a diverse audience, from casual gamers to dedicated collectors, offering an array of interactive and rewarding entertainment options. Lambro 2.0 stands as more than a gaming platform; it's a thriving community for all digital entertainment enthusiasts.

Team Members


Víðir Helgason - CEO

Víðir Helgi, the CEO & main developer
Víðir Helgi, the man steering the Agatech ship, with a rich background spanning social media marketing, website development, brand creation, domain and cryptocurrency investment and much more, Víðir is far from a one-trick pony.
He's the mastermind architecting the digital universe of Agatech, meticulously laying down each brick and blueprint. But don't let the title of 'CEO & Main Developer' fool you; Víðir is hands-on, diving into the most intricate coding operations to ensure everything runs like clockwork.
This isn't Víðir's first venture into the blockchain world. He's already launched another project, Lambro, that will continue to flourish.
For him, Agatech isn't just another project; it's the magnum opus of his years-long journey in the digital realm.
When Víðir talks about Agatech, you can sense it's not just business; it's personal. It's the culmination of years of hard work, lessons learned, and the vision he's nurtured for a more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem.

Grzegorz Gierek - COO

Grzegorz, the Chief Operating Officer of Agatech and the future CEO of Lambro!
Grzegorz is the unsung hero behind the scenes, the meticulous strategist who ensures that every cog in the Agatech machine is well-oiled and functioning optimally.
With years of experience in project execution, logistics, and operational strategy, Grzegorz is the go-to person for anything that involves making things happen. He's the quiet force whose impact reverberates through every milestone Agatech achieves.
But Grzegorz isn't just about Agatech; he's also taking the helm at Lambro to unlock its true potential. His vision for Lambro is to create an entertainment hub that not only complements Agatech but also stands as a powerhouse in its own right.
He may not be the loudest in the room, but his work speaks volumes. His unique ability to build cohesive, spirited teams amplifies the collective impact of Agatech and Lambro, making both ventures more than the sum of their parts.
Get ready to witness Grzegorz lead Lambro into its next exciting chapter, as it becomes an integral part of the Agatech ecosystem!

Krystian Rzap - CMO

Krystian, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Agatech!
Krystian is not just a marketer; he's a storyteller, a brand builder, and a community engager.
What sets Krystian apart is his unparalleled ability to become an expert in virtually anything before others can even grasp the concept. This skill allows him to craft marketing strategies that are not just ahead of the curve but define it.
His role goes beyond mere marketing. He's the creative genius who shapes Agatech's narrative, making it more than a service but a community. His campaigns are not just informative but engaging, adding another layer of interaction between Agatech and its audience.
Krystian's expertise ensures that every piece of content released resonates across different platforms and demographics. He's the driving force behind Agatech's market penetration and brand recognition.
His adaptability and quick learning make him an invaluable asset to the team, often leading initiatives that others can't even conceptualize yet. In a world that's always changing, Krystian is the one who changes it.
Get ready to witness Krystian's innovative strategies propel Agatech into a household name in the blockchain space!

Antor - CIO

Antor, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Agatech! Antor is the guardian of our technological realm, ensuring that we're not just up-to-date but ahead of the curve.
Antor's role is pivotal in strategizing the use of data, ensuring security protocols, and optimizing technological operations. His keen eye for detail and insatiable curiosity for innovation make him the go-to person for all things tech within Agatech.
But what truly sets Antor apart is his ability to foresee technological trends and implement them into our ecosystem before they become mainstream. He's not just maintaining our tech; he's revolutionizing it.
His expertise is crucial in keeping Agatech at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Whether it's implementing new security measures or exploring cutting-edge tech solutions, Antor is the one leading the charge.
In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Antor's role ensures that Agatech remains a leader, not a follower. Get ready to see how his strategies and implementations elevate Agatech to new heights!

Devan Abdul - CCO

The man who wears many hats but none that truly define the scope of his contributions. Officially, he's our Community Manager, but let's be honest, that title doesn't do him justice.
He's the guy who identifies gaps before anyone else does, and fills them without being asked. Whether it's community engagement, troubleshooting, or even strategic planning, Devan is there, often steps ahead of the rest of us.
What sets Devan apart is his proactive approach to problem-solving. He doesn't wait for issues to become problems; he tackles them head-on, often before anyone else even realizes there's something that needs tackling.
He's not just a Community Manager; he's a fixer, a planner, a doer, and most importantly, the glue that holds us together.
Devan is the unsung hero who makes sure the Agatech ecosystem runs like a well-oiled machine. So, when you're enjoying the seamless experience that is Agatech, know that Devan Abdul had a hand in making that happen.

Lili The Chatbot

Lili, Agatech's digital aide-de-camp, a beacon of assistance in the intricate world of blockchain. More than just lines of code, Lili embodies Agatech's commitment to accessibility and user engagement. Ingeniously programmed to navigate the complexities of blockchain technology, Lili is the guiding light for both novices and veterans in the crypto universe.
As Agatech's virtual emissary, Lili is equipped with an extensive knowledge base, ready to answer queries, provide insights, or simply guide users through the Agatech ecosystem with a friendly nudge. Lili's creation is a testament to Agatech's innovative spirit, bridging the gap between advanced technology and everyday users with ease and efficiency.
Lili isn't just a chatbot; she's an ever-evolving entity, continuously learning from interactions to offer more personalized and accurate assistance. Her presence reflects the ethos of Agatech - a blend of technological sophistication and an unwavering focus on user experience.
For Lili, every query is an opportunity to enhance the Agatech community's understanding and experience.

Audits & KYC

KYC By Cyberscope

The importance of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space cannot be overstated. It serves as a critical step in establishing trust and transparency between the project team and the community.
Our team, which includes six members and "Lili The Chatbot," has successfully undergone a comprehensive KYC process conducted by Cyberscope.  This verification not only confirms the legitimacy of our team but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the success and long-term sustainability of the Agata Token project. Outstanding Results: The KYC process was thorough and rigorous, ensuring that each team member met the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

For more details, you can view the KYC report here.

Audit by Cyberscope

Audits are essential for assessing the security and functionality of smart contracts. Our project underwent an exhaustive audit by Cyberscope, which found no critical issues and only a few informative notes. This result is a testament to the robustness of our code and the effectiveness of our security measures.
Outstanding Results: The audit confirmed that our smart contracts are secure and efficient, meeting the industry's best practices.

The audit report can be accessed here.

Audit by Checkdot

A second layer of scrutiny was provided by Checkdot, which also found zero issues with our project, passing all 22 issue-checking statuses. The audit commented positively on the project's robustness, further solidifying our credibility in the market.
Outstanding Results: Passing all 22 issue-checking statuses is an exceptional achievement that underscores the project's commitment to security and functionality.

The audit report can be accessed here.

GoPlusLabs Scan

In addition to the audits, a security scan by GoPlusLabs found zero warnings and zero issues, further affirming the project's commitment to creating a secure and reliable ecosystem.
Outstanding Results: A clean slate in a security scan is a significant milestone, indicating that the project meets or exceeds industry standards for security.

For more details, you can view the GoPlusLabs scan here.

By undergoing these rigorous KYC and audit processes, we aim to provide our community with the highest level of confidence in our project. These outstanding results are a testament to our commitment to transparency, security, and excellence.